What does it take to make a car great? For some, that question is easy to answer. If it has wheels, a few seats, and plays music when told to, it works. But for a select few, the search for what makes a car great is a little more intricate. For them – for us – our cars are an extension of ourselves. Here at Mishimoto, we’re a team of people who know that cars are about more than getting from point A to point B. They’re about how it feels between the two. Some cars are about power, some are about looks, and others are a combination of both, but we believe that all of them are a reflection of the love we put into them. Based out of New Castle, Delaware, our headquarters and engineering facility encompass two buildings comprising over 109,000 square feet of workspace. 27,000 square feet of that space is taken up by our engineering facility that houses all of our cars, dynos, lifts, and tools that we use to develop our products.
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