Grazio&Co. Colored Fender Arch Molding for Toyota Prius 2023-2026

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The look will change dramatically with the fender molding of the same color as the body! ! Colored fender arch molding for Prius 60 series Grazio & Co. is a highly recommended product that allows you to customize the fender molding to the same color as the body!

A complete change from the genuine wild black mall! By dressing up with fender moldings that are the same color as the body, the overall appearance will change completely♪ By increasing the body color area, you can also obtain the effect of a low-down look. Compatibility with substantial lowdown and wheel inch up is also outstanding!


Since genuine parts are used, quality is assured. In addition to the single-color painting of the rear piece, there is also a setting of two-color painting specification where the design is painted in different colors as shown in the image. Installation can be done by simply replacing the genuine fender molding.

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