"i-Shifter" Ver.2 for Toyota Prius 2010 - 2015

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Prius 30 series exclusive shift selector "i-Shifter" Ver.2
The dial which compatible with ease of grip and design is made of aluminum with a diameter of 50 mm and a height of 22 mm. We mold each item individually, and we have surface treatment to prevent scratches and corrosion. On the dial top, a silhouette adopts a new design that seems to appear in seven colors (※). *You can choose from 8 kinds of colors: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, blue green, white, OFF.

Right rotation = Drive
Left Rotation = Back
Short Press = Engine Brake
Push Continue = Neutral

By installing a new push mechanism shifter, it gains a clear operabilty that anyone can remember once used. The clicking response at the time of dial rotation alsoevolved a more comfortable feeling.

Just connect the shift connector and the OBD connector, replace with the original shift selector and install.

Q Is it impossible to install the i-Shifter if other equipment (such as radar) is connected to the OBD connector (diagnostic connector)?
A Please use commercially available OBD distribution connector. Since the genuine OBD connector faces downwards, it is recommended that the distribution connector faces the side so that the distribution cable does not get caught on the foot.

Q I heard that distributing OBD connectors may cause the equipment not to operate or malfunction?
A If you distribute and use devices that transmit and receive data to and from cars, problems may occur. I-Shifter only connects to OBD as a power source and does not perform data communication. So it can be used in conjunction with other communication devices such as multi monitor.

Q When power supply from OBD is broken, shift operation can not be performed (= Can not run)?
A The power from the OBD is for driving motors and LEDs, and it is separate from the control system. If the OBD line breaks or goes out, the lift operation stops, but if you turn the dial you can shift change.

Q Can you take power from anything other than OBD?
A Although it can be done in principle, please stop as performance can not be guaranteed. Connection to other than OBD is out of the scope of product warranty. Be sure to connect directly to the OBD connector with a distribution connector on the market.

Q After changing the gear by turning the dial, when you push the parking button, will the dial return to the original position?
A The dial does not have a function to rotate automatically, it does not change in the rotated position. Of course the car will be in P position. The dial is a structure that turns around 360 °. Please do not worry because it will never end somewhere.

Q When starting with the dial turned, what happens to the shift position?
A Regardless of the position of the dial, it is always P position at startup.

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Vendor(s) Power LLC
Model Prius (Gen 3), Prius (Gen 3 Refresh), Plug-in (Gen 3)
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