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(FRONT - Min Drop: -0.1 in. / Max Drop: -2.9 in. | REAR - Min Drop: -0.6 in. / Max Drop: -2.4 in.)

The TEIN FLEX A products are made with a Hydraulic Bump Stopper (H.B.S) this provides more comfort and hight durability at the maximum passenger or cargo load. When regular shock absorbers fully stroke, their bump rubbers are compressed. The energy that is generated by that escapes as a repulsive force, which can disturb the vehicle's behavior. Furthermore, repeated full strokes can damage the damper. In the same situation the FLEX A, featuring H.B.S., internally convert the impact of the stroke to thermal energy (heat) and absorb it, strongly reducing the impact that disturbs the vehicle's behavior. With less damage to the dampers, H.B.S. also contributes to their durability. In shock absorbers with inactive or no H.B.S., the operative valve (green) floats, and oil flows freely through the base valve ports. Resistance to the flow from the shim stack then causes damping force. Near full compression, when the piston rod strokes beyond a predetermined point, the operative valve is pushed down and activates H.B.S.: the base valve ports are narrowed, blocking the oil flow. This results in high damping force. A relief valve serves to suppress sudden damping force increase when the pressure in the cylinder exceeds its regular level. The setup of the H.B.S. mechanism is optimized per vehicle model, with the right activation point and damping force.

Spring: Included
Front Damping Force Adjustment: Yes
Rear Damping Force Adjustment: Yes
Front Full-Length Ride-Height Adjustable: Yes
Rear Full-Length Ride-Height Adjustable: Yes
Front Upper Mount Style: Reinforced Rubber Upper Mount
Rear Upper Mount Style: Uses OEM
Front Spring Rate: 224 lbs/in (4.0 kgf/mm)
Rear Spring Rate: 280 lbs/in (5.0 kgf/mm)

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Categories Lowering Springs
Manufacturer(s) Tein
Vehicle Make Lexus
Year(s) 2011-2017
Position(s) Front & Rear
Vehicle Model(s) / Chassis Code(s) Lexus Ct200h (ZVWA10)
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