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Cusco Adjustable Rear Upper Arm for (2016 - 2018) Toyota Prius and Toyota CH-R (2018+)

1A 1 - 474 - L

The Cusco adjustable rear upper arm for the Toyota Prius (50 series) has been released. By correcting the excessive negative camber of the rear tire at the time of lowdown, it is possible to correspond to a wide range of alignment adjustment such as suppressing uneven wear of the tire and stabilizing the maneuverability. It is also an essential item for adjusting the clearance between the wheel and fender when dressing up.
Reliable strength test report (structure change correspondence document) is attached. (Corresponding to inspection by structural modification)

[Compatible vehicles]
Toyota Prius
ZVW 50 / ZVW 51 / ZVW 55
* Toyota Prius PHV not confirmed

Toyota CH-R 2018+

Adjustable rear upper arm
◇ Correct the camber angle of alignment (tire alignment) that goes mad at lowdown. It has the effect of improving unstable behavior and preventing uneven wear of the tire. In a state where the alignment is out of order, a car may fly in an unexpected direction, such as on a rainy day, and it is very dangerous. Please make sure to correct alignment correctly by wearing adjustable arm at lowdown. Since the tire can be firmly grounded against the road surface, the traction performance improves and the straight and comfortable driving is restored. CUSCO made a strength test report certifying that it has higher strength than a genuine arm safe vehicle inspection etc. Although it is a part that needs structural change, you can install it with confidence.
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◇ Adjustable rear upper arm ※ Procedure for structural change is necessary after this product is installed.
 Item code 1A 1 - 474 - L
JAN code 4996 3380 24329
Adjustment range genuine ratio - 8 mm to +15 mm
Remarks Turn buckle adjustable type · Reinforced rubber bush type

More Information
SKU 1A 1 - 474 - L
Categories Suspension Parts
Manufacturer(s) Cusco
Vehicle Make Toyota
Year(s) 2016-2019
Position(s) Rear-Lower
Vehicle Model(s) / Chassis Code(s) Prius Prime / Prius PHV (ZVW52), Prius (ZVW50 / ZVW51)
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