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Tank Guard for Toyota Prius (2010 - 2015)

Since the fuel tank is located low behind, it is a part that is easily damaged in a rally running on ruts. In addition, the tank guard is a must-have item for dirt driving because the area around the rear is not only in contact with the road surface but also attacked by the stones kicked by the front tires. We use 3.0mm thick aluminum as the material.

Body Aluminum (A5052P), 3.0mm thick

Needs drilling in the car body

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SKU A517032
Categories Body / Aero Kits, Exterior Accessories
Vehicle Make Toyota
Year(s) 2010-2015
Position(s) Rear-Lower
Vehicle Model(s) / Chassis Code(s) Prius (ZVW30), Prius Plug-in (ZVW35)
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