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TOM'S Strut Tower Brace For Toyota Prius (2010 - 2015)

Strut Tower Bars eliminate chassis flex at the most vital area of the car - between the strut towers, essentially to prevent the misalignment of suspension mounting points experienced during high cornering loads. The end result is the suspension performing at its intended optimal condition with the suspension geometry in tact

NO GENERIC PICTURES (Actual Part Installed on Car)

The Toms Upper Strut bar will dramatically reduce body roll and will make the car more responsive for better handling characteristics.

  • Designed for simple installation and set-up.
  • Hollow internal structure.

Increased stability while cornering as well as during high speed lane changes. Enables correction of under or oversteer with proper utilization of this component.

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Tags: ZVW30 / ZVW35 / ZVW40 / ZVW41 / ZWA10 / PIP / TOMS

More Information
SKU 53680-TZW31
Categories Strut Tower Bars
Manufacturer(s) TOMS Racing
Vehicle Make Toyota
Year(s) 2010-2015
Position(s) Front-Upper
Vehicle Model(s) / Chassis Code(s) Prius (ZVW30), Prius Plug-in (ZVW35)
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