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Cusco Street Zero Coilovers (14 Stage Adjustment) for Toyota Prius (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

1A1-62P - CBF

Cusco coilovers are recommended for those who want a sporty ride and increased handling without giving up daily driving comfort. Height is double adjustable and the dampening force is adjustable allowing you to fine tune the suspension feel to your liking. As with all Cusco coilovers, rust proofing and the highest quality materials ensure your performance suspension will keep performing for years to come. Cusco's pillowball top hats will provide maximum feedback from your suspension and reduce play in the coilover assembly keeping your alignment truer in turns.

☆ vehicle height adjustable suspension kit Street zero er (street ZERO) ··· 7/28 Release
[Product code] 1A1-62P - CBF 
【Compatible models】 ZVW 50 / ZVW 51 (FF / 2 WD) * Type Car: 1.8 L / FF / A Touring 【Product Specification】 Ft: Adjustable length of damping force Rr: Screw spacer Adjustable damping force 14 steps adjustment
[Upper mount] Ft: Upper mountless (genuine use) Rr: Upper mountless (genuine use)
[Spring rate] Ft: Special shape 5 kgf / mm (6 kgf / mm) Rr: Special shape 4.5 kgf / mm Optional rate spring in () can be changed on order (free)
[Reference vehicle height] Ft: -30 mm Rr: -30 mm
[Recommended vehicle height adjustment width] Ft: -35 to -10 mm Rr: -35 to -10 mm
* By ensuring minimum ground clearance (front car height - 40 mm when front cross member height above ground 92 mm)
【Maximum vehicle height adjustment width】 Ft: -45 to -5 mm Rr: -40 to 0 mm * Maximum vehicle height adjustment width is a physical limit value on calculation and actual driving confirmation is not carried out. Moreover, it may become outside the safety standard conformity. [Remarks] Disassembly overhaul not supported (Replacement with shock absorber single item)
【Damping adjustment method】 ※ Front is damping force fixed rear: Adjustment part shock lower side surface (in wheel house) · · · When adjusting the damping force after wearing the vehicle, it can be adjusted with the dial on the lower side of the shock absorber. (Jack up of the car body, furthermore removal of the tire may be necessary)

【About TSSP equipped car】
In our test vehicle Toyota Safety Sense P (hereinafter referred to as TSSP) mounted cars, we can not confirm the malfunction of TSSP etc. by installing the vehicle height adjustment type suspension kit, but if the vehicle height drops, the malfunction of TSSP etc There is a possibility of occurrence. We are not responsible for the malfunction of TSSP etc due to the installation of this product and damage caused thereby.

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SKU 1A1-62P - CBF
Categories Coilovers
Manufacturer(s) Cusco
Vehicle Make Toyota
Year(s) 2016-2019
Position(s) Front-Lower, Rear-Lower
Vehicle Model(s) / Chassis Code(s) Prius (ZVW50 / ZVW51)
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