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LED License Plate Lamp For Toyota Prius (2016 - 2019)

The popular manufacturer "Junack (Junak)" Prius 50 series dedicated LED license lamp illuminates the license plate with the brightness that does not compare with the original license lamp and the optimum irradiation range.

In addition, the juice NACK original high diffusion special lens, by combining the high Nichia Chemical Co., Ltd. LED reliable high-quality, realize everyone longs "crystal-clear pure white light"! I will produce a rear view that makes me feel adult's dignity.

The product is a coupler on type and it is OK to replace with a genuine lamp

Pure white light directing a sense of quality!

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SKU pri182
Categories Exterior Accessories, Lights
Manufacturer(s) HybridPit
Vehicle Make Toyota
Year(s) 2016-2019
Position(s) Rear
Vehicle Model(s) / Chassis Code(s) Prius (ZVW50 / ZVW51)
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