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Tein Flex A Coilovers For Toyota Prius Prime (2017 - 2019)


part number ■: VSTD2-D1AS3
■ standard vehicle height genuine ratio: F:-40mm / R:-35mm
■ Vehicle height adjustment range genuine ratio: F: maximum -71 to -20 (recommended-50 to -30) / R: maximum to -73 to -19 (recommended -45 to -25)
■ reference spring F: rate (N / mm / Kgf / mm) 39.2 / 4.0, free length (mm) 200 R: Rate (N / mm / Kgf / mm) 48.6 / 5.0, free length (mm) 252
■ Damping force adjustment: F: ○ / R: ○
■ Full length adjustment: F: ○ / R: ×
■ Mount: F: ○ (included reinforced rubber mount) / R: ○ (included reinforced rubber mount)
■ EDFC compatible

■ We realize comfortable ride by new mechanism hydro bump stopper (HBS) adoption ■ Full length adjustment type with little change in ride even if we adjust the vehicle height
■ 16 steps of needle valve type extension / contraction simultaneous damping force adjustment mechanism It is possible to change the damping force (hardness) of the shock absorber by one step and one step linearly by mounting and turning the adjustment dial, and to adjust the riding quality and handling more to your liking
■ Street on the assumption of inch up & low down Pursuit of riding comfort and adopting a double cylinder type shock absorber
■ Supports EDFC series that can control the damping force from inside the car
■ Adopts vivid TEIN green powder coating for upper mount and lower bracket, powder body paint has excellent film strength and durability, low-pollution paint technique does not use organic solvent is proprietary to
■ shell case, Thein own special surface By performing a physical "ZT coat", strongly to peeling of paint caused by bouncing stones, even higher anti-rust performance high by adopting the best rib shape in addition to a sufficient thickness to ■ strut type of knuckle bracket Ensuring rigidity
■ In addition to aluminum forged spring seat, adopted low friction and hard resin thrust washers.
■ The attached spring is cold-formed by using SAE9254 (tensile strength 200 kgf / mm2 or more) as the material, Achieves excellent sag resistance and outstanding quality stability
■ Specialized high performance oil has stable viscosity characteristics from low temperature to high temperature, smooth stroke and reliable damping force under various conditions

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Categories Coilovers
Manufacturer(s) Tein
Vehicle Make Toyota
Year(s) 2017-2019
Position(s) Front-Lower, Rear-Lower
Vehicle Model(s) / Chassis Code(s) Prius Prime / Prius PHV (ZVW52)
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