SurugaSpeed Air Control Chamber for Toyota Prius 2010 - 2015

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SUS304 stainless steel [Personal delivery] AIR CONTROL CHAMBER for 30 series Prius


SURUGA SPEED original design parts to be installed between the genuine air cleaner box outlet and the throttle inlet. (Replace with genuine intake pipe)

Many genuine products use resin bellows pipes, and are manufactured with an emphasis on ease of installation and absorption of the sound when air passes through.

Since AIR CONTROL CHAMBER is made of stainless steel, there is no deformation of the main body even when the negative pressure inside the intake pipe is high.

Furthermore, by adopting a chamber structure, we succeeded in sending air to the engine more efficiently and improving intake efficiency and accelerator response.

Note Since

our "AIR CONTROL CHAMBER" and "HYPER TURBO PIPE" are made of stainless steel, unlike the genuine products, the vibration from the engine etc. cannot be absorbed by the main body, and the silicon hoses (blue part) at both ends Absorbs vibration.

Therefore, the silicone hose and stainless clamp are consumables that change over time depending on the usage conditions, so inspect them regularly and replace them immediately if they are damaged.

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Model Prius (Gen 3), Prius (Gen 3 Refresh), Plug-in (Gen 3)
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