Tomioka Racing Super Slope Ramps (L.D.S.)

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Tomioka Racing
Tomioka Racing Super Slope Ramps (L.D.S.)
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Also known as L.D.S. or Low Down Slope ramps. Sold in pairs.

Tired of stressing out about finding small broken bricks or big wooden boards to raise your car half an inch so you can fit a car jack underneath your lowered vehicle? Well stress no more! Tomioka Racing Super Slopes are designed to take all that stress and frustration away!

The Tomioka Racing Super Slopes are designed to help car enthusiast with lowered vehicles to reach all front, side and rear jack point areas. Made of strong plastic material, they only weigh in at 10lbs a set with dimensions of 27x8x3 inches. These light weight and easy to store ramps will be the only thing you'll need to help jack up your lowered vehicle.

Images below shows a good example of how useful these TR Slopes can be. All jack point areas on this lowered vehicle, was unable to be accessed until the TR slopes were used. These TR slopes help raise the car up to 2.5" in height. This will allow better access to most major jack point areas.

* Tomioka Racing recommends that all individuals use their emergency brake once the vehicle is securely on the slopes. Tomioka Racing also recommends that individuals should always have a proper car jack supporting the vehicle at all times while working under your car. Tomioka Racing and Evasive Motorsports are not responsible for any damage or injuries for improperly using these slopes.

Tomioka Racing Super Slope Ramps


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Installation Services AvailableYes
Hybridpit AvailabilityAvailable to order
Chassis CodeNHW10, NHW20, ZVW30, ZVW35, ZVW40, ZVW41, NHP10, ZWA10, ZVW50, ZVW51, ZVW52, ZVW55, JPD10, JPD20, ZYX10 / NGX50
PartsWheels & Tire Accessories
ManufacturerTomioka Racing
Car MakeToyota, Lexus, Tesla
Car ModelPrius (Gen 1), Prius (Gen 2), Prius (Gen 3), Prius (Gen 3 Refresh), Plug-in (Gen 3), Prius C (Aqua), Prius V, Prius Pre Facelift (Gen 4), Prius Facelift (Gen 4), AWD Prius Facelift (Gen 4), Prius Prime / PHV, Mirai, Mirai (Gen 2), C-HR, CT200h , RAV4, Model S, Model 3
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